Awake again

I had a dream last night of you. I heard your voice in the clearest detail and we had a conversation. It was even in color… we were walking around a field and then ended up sitting down on a staircase to just talk. I had an overwhelming feeling that somehow, we really were talking in this dream-state. I had a deep sensation of closure somehow. And when I woke up just now, I thought I was somewhere else in a different time laying right next to you again. Alas, that was not the case again this time. I woke up alone.

It’s crazy, maybe, to think that something like that could actually happen. I mean, talking to each other in a dream. Maybe it’s just my brain trying to find a solution somehow without it actually hurting so much. Perhaps, we actually did talk through a connection we once shared… and it was good to see you again.

Perhaps not.

The fact that I’m constantly haunted by this memory is putting me through a spin. And I’m not sure what that means exactly. Now I lay awake ranting on and waiting for e-mails to return so that I might leave once again on a journey to find what it is that makes me happy. A sense of community and friendship.

I know it’s farfetched but it felt so real. So it goes…

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