Membership and getting better

Dear Reader, I have successfully become a WWOOFer. Due to my recent situation, I found it necessary to get my ass in gear. I could have felt sorry for myself a lot more and just been in a rut until my money was all spent, but I figured out that this is the quickest way to get back on a farm like I said I would. Waiting in vain is something that my old self would have relished in, but I can see that that won’t help me this time. Not like it ever has.

So in true travelling spirit, I will venture off alone into this wonderful new community and share my experiences with you Dear Reader. You have inspired me, and because of you’re comments, you have made me realise that I do need to cultivate myself in order to achieve enlightenment. Romantic love and Greater love(love of self or spiritual love) are both love and I recognise that they are same. So thank you Dear Reader, for affirming that for/with me.

I hope that everything goes smoothly, and I will be typing down my adventures as they come along. Even though I still feel the emotional tears of my heart, I can’t let that stop me from being the best that I can be and to help provide information and skills to my community. I’m currently working on my WWOOF profile’s “about me” and I’m not exactly sure of what to write. So off to the forums I go, and until next time, Dear Reader, thank you again for stopping by.

post scriptum(p.s.) I am putting it out in the universe that I really want to land in a place that specialises in pepper plants or at least has a lot of peppers to take care of and if you know of any place Dear Reader, I’ll be more then happy to help out! Anyways, Cheers!

4 thoughts on “Membership and getting better

  1. permiechick

    Congratulations on your decision to become a WWOOFer. I know many who have and it’s been a good decision for all. Be selective and look for someplace that will be a good match. I wish you the best in your journey!

    1. trughost Post author

      Thank you for stopping by my blog. And your comment is appreciated! I’m keeping all options in consideration and I’m hoping to get back on a farm pretty soon. I hope the best for you and what you’re doing!

  2. valifrenchy

    Hey, thanks for checking my blog 🙂 I just look at yours, and I feel sorry you had/have so much sorrow. But I can see it’s already getting much better. Becoming a woofer is a very good choice I think. I have done it for 2 years now, and I still continue in a community in the south of France. I don’t know places specialized in pepper, but don’t look to hard for the perfect place (be selective but don’t wait to long): everywhere you go and any person you meet will teach you something about yourself and life. Just take it with no regrets 🙂
    I send you a lot of positive energy for the new adventure you are starting and lots of light and joy !!

    1. trughost Post author

      Thank you for your reply. It’s comments like this that help me to improve myself! and it is extremely appreciated. I would definitely like to get on a pepper farm, but I’m keeping any opportunity in consideration. c:


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