Legal rights for Mother Earth

Giving Legal Rights to Mother Earth

Here’s a link Dear Reader that you might be interested in. Realising that I should get back on the ball with my posts, what better way then to share information about what’s going on in this world. In short, Bolivia will be the first country in the world to give “legal rights” to the Earth in order to combat ‘climate change’. This is pretty important stuff here. Enjoy!


3 thoughts on “Legal rights for Mother Earth

  1. auntynini

    I think the underlying ideal of respecting Mother Earth is correct, righteous and good. The politics of climate change is not. The way we evolve is not through the false premise of “lack of abundance,” “the war on this or that,” “combativeness” and/or the “political redistribution of what we perceive as scarce resources, by taking from Peter to pay Paul.” This is a recipe for the perpetual pendulum swing that is so apparent for example, in a two party political system.

    No.The culture of doing the right thing, for the right reason, at the right time should be independent of the social constructs of abundance or scarcity, independent of politics, and independent of all hidden agenda’s (power and control.) We respect Mother Earth NOT because there isn’t enough to go around, or because man is creating global warming (I assure you, Nature can take care of herself – it may not be exactly how we like it, but so what?)

    No, we respect and give blessings to the abundance that exists and we do good for ALL sentient life because it’s the right thing to do – period. It is the un-quenching thirst for power and control that has created and creates (for nefarious purposes) the false premise of lack of abundance (or finite resources) that then creates the hoarding, taking, taxing, fighting, killing, dualism – them versus us mentality (…they ARE us,) and selfish behavior of man.

    Mother nature will continue to do her thing, independent of man’s desires or will, and man will continue to fight false fights in the name of X, Y, or Z, as he has done since his existence.

      1. auntynini

        Ecuador reneged on a similar pledge. The USA threatened to withhold $$$ if they followed through on their pledge as a country to be more mindful of their natural resources (by strongly protecting their rainforests…)

        Money interests have decimated the organic industry as well.

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