A Head Full of Thoughts

I’ve been looking at getting my Wwoof membership. Being on the farm that I was just on, I can’t help but feel like there is something missing. And I know exactly what it is Dear Reader. I don’t have a crew any more. It might not seem like much, but I definitely understand the reality of having a support base of friends, no matter how small, with you to be important. I truly wish the things happening in my life right now would/could be different.

I miss my friends..

It’s been a while since I’ve felt this way. I didn’t really think that it was going to end up this way. But like I said, nothing is ever as it seems. So it goes…

Running out of money, it is hard to envision a future that doesn’t involve being back on the street. I’ve been used to it for 5 years, but that doesn’t mean that I want to do it any more. It has been really tough to find places that are accepting to the likes of a person like me. I’m young and I’m inexperienced, and the best thing that I can do (beside writing) is labour or farm work. It’s pretty much the only things that I’m good at. I’m currently looking for a way to get back on a farm (I know I’ve already said that) but perhaps maybe one day, You Dear Reader, would invite me to help you. I don’t have any lasting plans and dealing with this sorrow that I am suffering in, it is going to be difficult to be motivated. But this too shall pass and soon I’ll be better. (maybe after venting!)

I’ve lost my lover and friend. Someone who I’ve spent every single day with for the passed year is gone. but it was my faullt. So it goes… I’m sorry again Dear Reader, here I go again. It’s just that I feel comfortable talking to these invisible people on the web and getting this off of my chest makes me feel a little better.

The way that things have been going, I’ve been drinking more frequently and feeling worse and worse. If every cloud has a silver lining, I hope to find solace quite soon. Thank you Dear Reader for your time. And just so that you know, I’m extremely grateful for all of the new followers. Sorry if I’m being confusing, but what else is a blog good for? So until next time, Dear Reader. Cheers.

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