This Dream and getting scattered

As you might know Dear Reader, nothing is ever as it seems. This past week has been on the move, and I am back in a place where I said I wouldn’t ever go back to. It may seem a bit melodramatic, but it is nevertheless true. Without giving in to my usual and emotional self, it will suffice to say that I have gone through some hardship.

This post is to clarify that I am not worthy of talking about relationships because I could never nurture one(in a romantic partnership kind of way… even though I have tried…). In short the ‘cohesive relationship’ part of my bio will be erased. I’m not even sure what to talk about anymore, my heart is so wrenched. But I suppose it was something that couldn’t be avoided.

Before my eyes, I have watched the reruns of so many memories that I didn’t remember until it was too late. I hide everything behind smiles, and it hurts. If you are reading this Dear Reader, note that it is not my intention to be another sloppy blog post about my problems, but more of a foreshadowing of what happens when you don’t give proper attention to the one’s that you love.

Thank you for your time. I apologise that I might have wasted it.


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