Mindset and realisation

I understand I might have been a bit insensitive to some one who spent time and (especially) money in order to obtain certified status on the permaculture band-wagon. I will express a bit further.

The idea that there is a system that will preach about sustainability and force you to spend money is quite absurd. I believe in a free, all-access community that would rather endorse one with food and the knowledge of ancient peoples that would have been passed down if it weren’t for the corruption of the media and the capitalist reach of government and property.

I understand that in this society, getting away from money is nearly impossible and sometimes frightening for some of us. It has been difficult for my friends and I to exchange work for food or a place to sleep for awhile. But being travellers who will work practically free, we find gems here and there. Just as I have been writing about. Small family farms that put their trust in hard work without having to worry about money.

I do know the value of excess. Without it, kids like me wouldn’t be able to eat. And if it is a matter of seeing the value of things, then let me tell you Dear Reader, I don’t have much. And I appreciate what I have. Make no mistake, my goal is to share information about the wonders of the creative mind. So that is what I will do.

I do apologise for maybe offending someone, but it is frustrating to be “impoverished” (as that person has told me). But my view is my own. Thank You Dear Reader.


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