Fall Equinox and the Rain

Now it is starting to pour outside, and as I might have stated before, my time here on this land is getting shorter and shorter (just like the days will be doing after the Equinox.) The current downpour has flooded me with the nostalgic(not the good kind either!) feeling of being on the street again without a place to go and practically freezing. I know that I usually don’t post about this sort of thing, but as a medium to vent I couldn’t think of any better place.

I enjoy the comfort of these temporal walls, but I live in a Capitalist Society, Dear Reader, filled to the brim with ‘owners’ and ‘property’ and ‘money’. Going back in my blog, I recount all the work that my friends and I did here. All of it on a whim and just because we wanted to learn. Being called here to do this was something that happened by chance, and I’m glad that it did. However, now things have changed, and perhaps for the better. The question now is: “What will I do with the knowledge I’ve obtained during this experience?”

Learning how to live with people has been something that I have been talking about. Well, maybe a bit vaguely, although I did express the importance of creating and tending to the bonds that we establish with those around us. Watching this Garden grow and actually experiencing the beauty of seedlings sprouting “True Leaves” I have learned that importance. Albeit was with plants, the fact is that these relationships worked. Without patience and especially attention, I don’t think that I would have such a grasp on the concept.

As I hear the raindrops fall just outside the window from inside this warm house, I am thankful. I have this strong feeling that regardless of all the things that I accomplished here, there is something more that can be found. Even if that means toughing it out in the cold again. Not like I have a choice.

Dear Reader, Thank You again for your time.

As above, So below.


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