Agriculture + Heritage

There are some very helpful links if you live in Oregon. As I’m trying to find a place that may need the help of my friends and I, this is a good start. What I’m really looking for is a Pepper Farm that needs an Alchemist’s Apprentice. Something magical like that.

Oregon Heritage Exchange

By Richard H. Engeman

When the Willamette Valley attracted immigrants in the 1840s, they came to farm. Agriculture has ever since loomed large in Oregon’s economy, and its history and heritage is marked today by many visible traces, from barns and silos to corrals and grain elevators.

Historic agricultural properties help us recognize and understand our state’s agricultural past and connect it to the present.

There are also the roadside signs of the Oregon Century Farm & Ranch Program.  More than a thousand Oregon families have been entitled to one of these signs since the program began in 1958. As a member of the program’s management board, I recently participated in approving eighteen new sign applications. These farms and ranches have been operated by members of the same family for a hundred years—and more. How many business firms can trace their history back so far?

Both historical markers and…

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