Time to think

It’s been a while since the last time I posted(how many times have we heard that one!).

I have been talking about all the wonderful things that I have learned while living on this property, mainly about Permaculture and my infatuation with Peppers(Next post will contain photos!). What I have learned is that without attention and tending to the bonds that we create, we would end up back at square one. And this post is about that. This property will be sold, and it’s a beautiful piece of land, but the ‘owners’ don’t seem to see any benefit in trying to make it work. Before my “crew” (Dirt, Tasha, and myself) got here, there was nothing growing. The worms were drowning in a bucket, and there was simply nothing going on.

Sitting in the backyard, I immediately started to envision all the beautiful things that could be done with this place. And that’s what I preceded to do. But as you might already know, Dear Reader, Nothing lasts forever.

It is exactly these kinds of realisations that help us come to terms and with what we have. The future is the past and present combined. Our relationship with these things, more-or-less, shape what we see. How we deal with it is up to each of us, and what I have learned is that expectations are sometimes unbearable obstacles to face. But striving for the confidence to keep on going to procure a future for the Human Species as a whole is what has became important to me.

As I face the up-coming and daunting task of going back to a homeless street life, I will hopefully be able to get on to another farm to share more wonderful experiences! Thank You Dear Reader for sticking with me.


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