Another month

With winter approaching I am constantly reminded that if I want to carry out certain goals I’ll have to start thinking of a unique design to house some of the plants that I want to try and over-winter. Right now, there are I have to admit that my main focus has been that of the Peppers that I have been growing. Some gifted. Some that I started right from seed. All have been so great to watch.

Now, I have started to think about the next step that must be taken. They have all started to flower and started to make pods and change colours. Which is great and all, but with some research, I learned that there is much more that is needed if a pepper is to have a high yield and prosper for more then 2 years. That’s where I come in. My next step, it turns out, is more construction. I will be starting to design “Cold-Cages”. In other words, 2×4 ft boxes with a window on top and wrapped in organic materials. My idea is beginning to look like a Hugelkultur Bed ( with the middle sectioned out (perhaps a door of some sort…) that will house a few(or maybe a bunch!) of peppers over the winter. I don’t know exactly how it’ll turn out, but who knows, maybe it will be great. 

Thank you Dear Reader. Here’s to keepin’ it short and spicy.


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