Cumulative Ideas

There is a lot of emphasis on definitions lately. Being around a few forums and trying to find the best stage to host my very own ideas, I have found that there are a lot of people that would think they know everything and more. In my last post, there is a quote that I am still pondering over today. With my hobby of attaining as much information as I can about specific plants that I have started to love to grow(Peppers!) I have read and read and read, and I just want to say that it truly is hard to keep up with all the “Experts” out there. (hehe) 

What I see a lot of is gardening and great info on brilliantly crafted designs that were obviously inspired by Nature. What I don’t see is how these same designs might help bring some social justice within our communities. There is always a plan that has to do with the garden but never anything to do with our neighbours and I wanted to shine some light on this fact that there is a lot more particulars on what to focus on except Humans themselves. What I’m getting at Dear Reader, if you do come across my blog and are wondering what Permaculture is, you can read my opinion on the matter here:

But aside from my own ramblings and the current photos of the plants in the Garden, there is really just a simple read that comes once in a while, which is pretty damn cool because it lets me blow off some steam to think that there is actually someone who would listen/read. And that’s you Dear Reader. Thank you.

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One thought on “Cumulative Ideas

  1. 8armedstars

    Reblogged this on fylcynm and commented:
    I love you, what we do how we do it. Can we still look and learn from nature can we speak with some elder, with each other, must we discover on our own, or is there the chaotic combination of all. What has been done to us can not be undone but this is a changing world and so will we. For my ghost, I only wish to share my respect, empathy, and encouragement.


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