Bringing the New Cold

As each leaf starts to change their hues and the days become a little cooler, I can’t help but see all the strife that we have to face as a social animal. What I mean is that most of what I see on the web is nothing more then violence, blood, and money. Not much else unless you are specifically looking for that one thing on google. I have had a lot of time to think about what it is exactly that I’m trying to bring to the table, and it is still only as much as I can retain in my search for knowledge. 

There was something that I read earlier that kind of made a lot of sense which was: “Each gardener knows better than other gardeners” -Chinese Proverb

Where ever this quote comes from, I can’t help but relate. It is nice to have days where it can just be me and the kitchen and I can get a lot of experimenting done without the nay-saying of someone else hovering over my shoulder. 

But this post isn’t to complain, Dear Reader, it is to congratulate everyone’s success in the Garden. I wanted to express my feelings about the importance of cohesive relationships again. Through trial and error I have been fortunate to watch the seeds I plant grow and then wither. A whole life cycle before my very eyes. The Winter draws near and I am reminded of the harshness of the cold. Only through cooperative involvement are we able to achieve our goals. 

Permaculture, is not just about gardening. Through careful discernment, critical thinking, and common sense we are able to resolve the problems that have been set out before us. There is a lot of injustice that happens everyday and one of my intentions is to help bring awareness to the fact that the relationships that we procure should be beneficial to most if not everything around us. With all the different applications of Permaculture, it is easy to get lost in someone else’s ideals without ever dabbling in our own creative minds!

This blog isn’t to tell you what Permaculture “is” or “isn’t”. It is only to bring awareness. Whatever that may mean. Thank you for stopping by.



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