With all the new information that I have been collecting in random notes that I have in multiple notebooks and by asking questions on forums and popular websites, I see the time for application drawing closer and closer. By this I mean that there are ideas that are just so great, I don’t know why that they have not already been applied to the land here where I stay.

Some subjects that I have been focusing on are:

  • Everything and Anything Permaculture
  • Raised Beds
  • Water Restoration/Conservation
  • Food Storage and Drying
  • Natural Pest Control
  • “Good and Bad” Insects and how to prevent loss of crops
  • How To Recognize Herbs and TreesWaste Management (Yeah… “That House” still has trash.. :c )
  • Alternative dwelling/living spaces and ideas.

As I find the information, instead of just sending you a link, I will rather work on projects stemmed from these bits of information and share with you then what I have found. Or, I might just share with you it with you like this : Raised Beds “Hugulkultur. Around this property, there is a lot of lumber left from years of waiting to be used. Now, I have found the perfect incorporation for these otherwise rotting wood. There is still a lot of spaced that can be used to grow food, and with the proposition of becoming an actual farm in the future, by the time something like this Hugulkultur idea will have been a good one! Thanks Dear Reader for stopping by.


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