Tough sticking together

It is certainly been a trial and error kind of life-style lately. With all the new things that I have been learning I’ve been able to really dig deep and find the things that I’m looking for when trying to understand my surroundings and those around me. Today I took a walk into the forested area that is our backyard. Also called ‘Elk Mountain’. It was nice to stand still and hear the rustle of the leaves in the wind and the Jays chirping loudly. What I was doing, to be exact, was looking for a place to lay my head from now on. It has been nice to have the secure four walls that have been so comfortable at night, but I honestly think that it is time to go back outside.

Yesterday we had a discussion about what we think Permaculture is all about and our discourse was a stepping stone to my next set of moves. And that is going back to that connectedness that I know we once had in our Ancient Past. Dear Reader, if I may share some of my sentiments, on my journey to this different lifestyle, there are so many things that could be done to help leave something for our future. I know that it could be discouraging living in the big city or even in the sub-urban areas but in a way that gives us even more of a reason to strive for understanding and learning how to return to simpler way of life. Thank you for you time Dear Reader. Here is a picture of our Sundews c: One of my constant reminders that we should always stick together:


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