Simple things

Today I was looking at the Garden and was in wonder at all the new vegetables that are starting to pop out of the ground. Even watching flowers that I know are there starting from seed is one thing in itself. I was walking around and picked an apple off of a tree at the end of the Garden (which was delicious) and noticed the plum tree. What really caught my attention was the deepness of the purple fruit. Adorning the tree  like giant violet emeralds.

They are still unripe and some were probably eaten by animals.

What I have been busying myself with lately is searching for ways to construct gabions made of wood. I’ve researched far enough to know that soldiers during the civil war were able to construct them with fresh vines that were woven into baskets with the help of a steel ring that was removed after the wooden cage was made. They then filled it with either sand or river stone. This method was said to be used to build ‘fortresses’.

I have some ideas in mind, and as far as I know, Vine Maple is a local and prevalent tree around here that is easily accessible. But yeah I’m not sure exactly how to weave a basket yet. c: But I’m going to learn. Well, thank you Dear Reader, for your time. It’s always a pleasure to share with you.I will also share this  Before photo of our “Flower Box”. Cheers!



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