Getting started

P1020009 Part Hawaiian, Part Bolivian. This is a starting point on my journey that I have started. With a bit of help from my friends (yes, like the song… well, kind of..) I have been able to accomplish so much. Although there has been patches of what can be described as strange obstacles, we have overcome a lot of trials that I don’t think we could have all on our own.

There are many things, as I have stated before that need to be addressed and brought to light. But for now, I will relish in thoughts of Hot-Sauce. Dear Reader, it really has been an adventure in this new place that I have started to call home. But know this Dear Reader, there is always an urgency in brevity. And like the things we grow, we will come and go and the spaces in between, those moments that only each one of us knows, will be experienced and re-experienced in memories until we are gone.

Thank you Dear Reader for your time. Mmmm…. Hot-Sauce


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