Compost My Philosphy

better said then never. C: I just had to witness worms fornicating and detaching and the whole mess… Mmm…. Ghost Peppers and Cayenne. Starting a new system of small coolers with practically 100% success! To say that when we put Jalapeno seeds in from a store, they sprouted! Now to try some new stuff! like I said… Ghost Peppers… It’s late, but I’m trying to also start another schedule that will allow this farm to have some perennials this year.

Art and Action

I am an animal, I will decay, I am seemingly some what aware, I ask myself what I want, What I rot inspires my growth, I remember I will die and I try to respect the withering leaves, leaves of my life, pass with each season, they fall to the floor but I am no tree, I am an island of novelty floating atop a bumbling foaming sea of poverty, I try to make dirt, but the sterile, the synthetic, the systematic, the cold, the precise, it’s action reaction, man, justified day by day, slowly learning another way, don’t know how to play, don’t know what to say, but i scream, I stream, I seam, But it takes every team.

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