Being tentatitive

After a week or so, getting the soil tilled and making more room I’ve had the awesome experience of watching the corn we got from a neighbouring farm grow! Here is a picture of one. P1010953

I find that there is way more to farming then I had previously thought. But I suppose that is to be expected by a newbie gardener like me. This little corn gives me so much hope. With this, I am inspired to do more for those around me and for my community. Living here, I’ve been way more involved and it seems as if my friends and I are starting to build a reputation of sorts. Which is awesome, because the job offers are starting to come in. And that’s fine with me, because the reward is usually scrumptious food!

Dear Reader, Day-by-Day I find that my thoughts get mixed up in the flurry of idealistic dreams and I wade in waters of confusion. I must say that it has certainly been a challenge to start putting positive energy in a place where so many seem to think it is basically a waste of time or just another means for profit.

My goals, as I have stated before Dear Reader, is to attain enlightenment in the form of peace and Love. Through the relationships I have experienced and the one’s that I have seen become tangible and then have gone so abruptly, like the brevity of flowers, I slowly am becoming aware that there is more that can be done to leave a positive mark here when I am gone and turned into stardust.

Perhaps too slowly. But as they say, “Better late then never!”

Thank You Dear Reader for your time. May your Garden be bountiful!


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