The Study of Leaves

The study of leaves

Each image is remembered hysterically
Identically placed images; waiting ’till either is finished
Reunited once again as it’s closed
Wandering thoughts like dancing notes
played by a master’s hand
Nature’s brilliant craftsmanship in her firm beauty
Each note echoes; softly merging
Off; into the distance

Brief or real
Realistic in obscurity
Infatuation dispelled by clarity
I’m alone again in my own thoughts
I’m asking again, “Am I here or not?”

Shouldn’t have believed my heart
it fooled me again
This just hurts a little more then
I remember when I was a kid

Each moment, there is a lesson in brevity
little ripples that we made in spring
Holding on to each other’s gaze
Tryin’ hard not to blink
Even if we didn’t mean to


For lack of better words…

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