Written to be forgotten by age and decay, The masters remember or rediscover, Truths in the presence moving to reinterpret the past looking for consistency that can never last, keep moving keep moving past, passing on the future to new babies everyday, lfe is so rare in our observable universe of the earth, stand for a moment watch the puzzling domino effect, watch us fall, i don’t mind the crawl, cuz I want it all, and so I fall, the butterfly flaps and flaps and flaps. Hurricane and sugar cane, so so so sane, wasn’t writing to finish this but now I’m getting skittish, ‘m my own personal whore, and I adore the blood, the vampires feed and Jesus leads and was lead to the cross, roads and paths uncut  and cut the path is before you, walk, run or stumble, I love you I love you, I’m so desensitized so that when my heart begins to flutter S st-start to stu-stu-stutter

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