Meadow in the dark

Existing anticipation
Deference in subject and context
With every idea given and then inspired
Rambling in poetic fashion on and on and …
A knot tightened by boredom
Concealed by hesitation and then exposed

Worthy of attention
the latter and aforementioned
Yes, worthy of it all
Beauty and my primal beast
Lost in the meadows of self-deciet

Wordy worry worthy
Grains of doubt and sand
Sling sting sing
The crescendo of parting hands
Timing ever of the essence

A swift zephyr made by a flutter
Quickly and suredly and then gone
As day held the sun and the night a full moon
Soon we’ll be grounded
At mid-night or high-noon

Swelling in the subtle tones of breathing
Heat exhausted from our bodies
Silently exploring each shape
of the intangible things on a map
Hoping the image of you will last 

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