Taking a turn (Photo of a ‘Crab Spider’ pretending to be a flower)


Taking a look at this spider, at first I thought to remove it. Bu then I noticed that it was doing a very good job at catching the little flying bugs that wanted the juice from my peppers. And that’s when I thought to write this post. It is not always easy to keep the bonds that we’ve created together. For some of us, it can be really hard (and when dealing with spiders it could be scary! hehe). And there is a great deal of understanding that is involved in trying to keep things from falling apart. I find that when you’re young, love tends to make you fall a lot harder. Our concept of the words that we wrap around each other often times suffocates us. The mention of someone ensues whole text books worth of words to our minds. Nullifying the fact that we hardly know some of those around us(in my case a spider!). Even the people that we’ve been around for a long time seem to hide some serious skeletons in their closet.

My point is that people will hide the things that hinder them the most. And when those emotional barriers arise, keeping a sound mind and an open heart will take you further than you think. There is no shame in letting out your feelings. There is no shame in trying to express yourself. There is also no shame in listening. No shame in understanding. Empathy will play its role when heart strings are strummed.


In my opinion, it may seem quite simple. As long as there is a medium, there will always be discourse. Relaying ideas could then be easy, right? Perhaps. By medium, I mean a safe playing field where all the players can express, the best that they can, ideas or concerns about the team. With this, the game could be changed completely. With everything out in the open, there is some room for us to learn and adapt our own styles and ideas to other’s, building up the foundations that hold us together in the first place. And a lot of the times, we might not agree.

It may just be a matter of pride. There is no harm in stepping to the side where we can analyze. But know this, Dear Reader, staying complacent is not what I’m saying. When you see an obvious opening, it will be your time to shine. What you bring to the table will be put to the test and whether it sinks or swims is compelety up to those involved. It may work out for the better of the group or it may not.

Change is key. The bubbles that we’ve built out of genuine concern or media delusions will be popped and the only way to be prepared for something like this is to accept some of the things that can not be changed. Circumstance is what I’m talking about particularly. It is okay to open up and try out someone else’s ways of things. Meaning, that maybe you’ll find that its better or worse. You’ll never know unless you try and allow room for some mistakes. Because those are bound to happen. Without moving the spider, I learned about it first, and by the time that I got back he had moved on to another spot to catch bugs. Which was fine for me! Without words, I respected it, and he moved. So it goes. Thank you Dear Reader for your time. Cheers!



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