Week 7: Roots of Design


One idea of Permaculture is studying the masterful craft that Nature brilliantly develops. As an example, we can thoroughly incorporate it into the structures that we build. In order to make a space that takes up the least amount of room and is at maximum output. And as far as sustainability, this is the most ideal. (IMO of course) I am currently mapping out a design for a new house that my peppers will reside in. Seeing as they are growing up so fast, already reaching the top of the humidome that they’re in. So, within the next couple of weeks, I’m hoping to get these little one’s outside(Hardened off), and in a raised bed.

When I think about a place to live, I think about living walls. I think about the heat produced by the plants that surround the bed that I lay in. Breathing and producing aromas and adding wonderful flavor to the things that I cook. When I think about a place to live, I think about Zero waste. Where every single part of a structure has a purpose and is not just something that is in the way. Maybe like a lady bug cruisin’ on the Leaf of a plant.


Dear Reader, do you ever think about being a plant high up in the canopy of a rainforest? Being in an eco-system where co-dependancy is some-what of a priority. Where the ability to thrive is soley based on the adaptations and relationships built due to conditions set up purely by Nature. These are the things to consider when I thinking about the effects of capitalism. Or in this case, the loggers that mark and destroy thousands of acres of Rain Forests. 

Permaculture is more to me than just living in a space. It is about learning to cooperate and to live cohesively with the sentients around me. And as simple as that sounds, it may be a lot harder for those trying it for the first time. Especially when there is a force that is pressing down on us everyday, destroying the Sanctity of these sites. Building walls of illusion… However! There is an alternative. And I’m hoping to learn along with you as we bring awareness. Thank you Dear Reader for your time. May your Harvest be Bountiful! Yo!


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