Forming and Strengthening Bonds

ImageLast night I walked over a bed of hot coals. It was truly an eye-opening experience. There was so much more to it then I had imagined. There was so many beautiful women and men with so much positive energy and now that I think about it, made it easier to accomplish what we did. I was surprised that I even did it in the first place. Walking through the fire, helped me realize my passion and encouraged me to start doing things differently with my peppers. 

The reason I blog about this Dear Reader is simply to admire the faith that people could have in each other and believe without a doubt that those around them were about to walk on burning red coals. Symbolically burning away the reasons that keep us from achieving the intentions that we have for our lives. Holding space for strangers is something that I’m not “used” to and I can say that it is not a normal practice that I do. But doing it with this group of people was something that is hard to explain in human words that I can find.

The idea that we can build relationships and to be accountable for them is truly amazing to me. Part of walking on fire was getting to know a little bit about our partners (those we were paired with). The excercise was mainly to bring out our own ambitions and to deal with our own barricades that block was from acheiving our goals. I can now see that fully believing in the fact that I would not get burned and that the others around me truly believed the same (that I wouldn’t get burned) allowed me to do it.

The reason I blog about this, Dear Reader, is because I couldn’t have done it without the relationships that I built or without trusting in my friends. Thank you Dear Reader for your time. I hope that the bonds that you create will be strong and healthy! Cheers! 

(P.S. The photo is of my Bolivian Rainbow Pepper! excited!)


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