Today I’ll be re-visiting Living Well. As you can see from the photo, it is a Nature/Spirit Sanctuary. This will be my second time going to experience this place. It is said that if you drink from the water that flows from the springs, or eat the fresh food harvested from the gardens, then you’ll be more susceptable to staying there. Sometimes, they say, Forever!

There are high levels of spiritual energies there and the people that inhabit the property are very very VERY spiritual. Faerie wells along with shrines abound and bridges with trolls underneath. When I slip into it all, I can see them. Here, there is a song for every practice. Whether it is simply collecting water or evoking an increased presence of the spirits around us.

Today will be interesting enough, it is a special day we’ve kept on our calendar for about a month already, and now its time to see my neighbors walk on fire. They will be demonstrate walking over hot coals, so I’m pretty excited as I have only seen this kind of thing on the television or back when I was in HS. I’ll have photos up perhaps later on tonight. Depending, if I get back or not… Thank you Dear Reader for your time, cheers!


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