Personification (treating people like potatoes)


When it comes down to it, there is nothing like experiencing something first hand. Especially for the first time. These little drawbacks encourage cautious steps forward. Knowing something is only half the battle they say. Reinforcement and constant activity brought about vigirous growth and flowers. And it occured to me that there are so many similarities between both these potatoes and the people that we know. This is my first real attempt at gardening and, at first, I didn’t take a lot of things into consideration.

I realized pretty soon after discovering damages and tunnels that there was something that needed to be done. Going through hours of information and opinions, by the end of it all there is only one real way to find out if something works for you or not. With all the advice in the world, it will only work if you try it. Thankfully these plants are beautiful. It took the willingness to accept certain outcomes as results that may occur. It took experimenting and constant attention. And in the end, it was the simple story of appreciating the wonderful plant that was growing and protecting it as best I could. Allowing it time and space to survive and flourish.

Then I thought that this same practice can be applied to the relationships that we form with each other. (And with our plants! like these Beets and Carrots)


So far, my experience with these new alternatives to living has been difficult. It is something that is beyond just having enough text-book knowledge to regurgitate what we perceive to be true. The idea of learning to live collaboratively with something or someone has been a novel idea for me recently as I have barely discovered it on my travels. There is a lot of trial and error that I’ve come across and there is one thing that I must bring to light which is the fact that without the bonds of cohesive relationship, we would not get far. Not very far indeed.

I’ve tried hard not to push my ideals on others, while trying to endure the constant pressure of those around me. It seems to sizzle up into a burning heat of passion and then evaporate¬†into hot air/steam. Cohesive easily becomes condescending and quickly confused.

In my experience, these happenings will end up sour and cooperation and productivity become low. Idealogy becomes boundaries. Without space to grow, it becomes difficult to see the whole picture. Solving the problems that we face can be difficult, but going through with the things that we set out to do can be even more difficult when we don’t face those problems and learn from them. Thank you Dear Reader for your time. All it takes is a bit of patience.


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