understanding goes deeper than words. Truly inspiring.

goat eared

chi ttrrr!cht! mountain chip
munks rush
and see the world through squirrel lenses

they are dashed upon by bird and
beast. in the acorn district, wrought
iron tangles are the same as trees…

but proof of tread or chew won’t be
so readily seen…
if they are quick and greedy be

their coat sheens depend largely
on gentrification in our own society), you’ll see

fat ones dashing
after fried po ta toes

tummies sag… ruddy road dirt
underbellies. it’s a toss up;

like any nut, squirrel does
what he’ll please…

what’s that sprouted ’round him? concrete
and factories. deceased animal earth, line
of plastic trees. caged rat may have

less ticks than free-range skunk. forest mice find
better lives if rated in terms of play, but did you know
they also live more cautious-ly when crept upon
by bird or beast?

who’s to judge
their forage in the parking lot when we’ve taken

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