Week 6: More beauty!


The Red Savina Habanero was the world champion hottest from 1994-2006. A 12 year run! Pretty awesome. Now I have the chance to grow my own (four to be exact). And I’ve written about this pepper in older posts, but my fascination seems to be increasing the more I study them. What really sparks my interest when reading up on this magnificent fruit is the way that peppers have been used in medicine for (what seems to me) centuries!

The book that I’m reading that I have mentioned before “Back to Eden” is mainly about the medicines that the Author had used to cure ailments during his travels, and what made me interested was the fact that among all of the herbs and other ingredients, peppers were always mentioned throughout the whole preface/foreword. Some of the wonderful “side-effects”:

Triggers endorphins
Decreases congestion
Increases fat oxidation
Improves digestion
Lowers cholesterol
Lowers triglycerides
Improves circulation
Reduce blood pressure

Knowing very little, there is a lot that I must absorb and to take in to account when dealing with my little pepper buddies. But there is nothing like the first hand experience.

And at the moment I have various types of peppers. Each, I’m sure, has it’s own specific needs. Looking them all up and figuring out if they are at they’re most productive state as far as soil is a continuous task. Getting to know them is spending countless minutes observing them. My plants at the moment have begun to show a very good sign of recovering from being over-hydrated.

Being all curled up, I rushed to the internet! After finding out that it was merely a problem of too much watering, I settled down, and they’re fine now and so much larger! My pepper garden is pretty small compared to some of your’s out there, but I’m proud of it (especially for being my first time!) Luckily I’m able to take care of these new peppers that I’ve never heard of.

Hawaiian Pepper with lovely white flowersImage

Bolivian Rainbow Pepper with beautiful Purple flowers! Didn’t know they came in purple!



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