On “Social insertion”


I’ve written about this subject before and that is the idea of “social insertion” the idea at first came across kind of brutish with hints of narcissism. My reason being that I immediately took the phrase for what I thought to be its literal meaning. (Which is possibly to forcibly express your ideas upon a person or groups of people.) But as I took a deeper look and tried to understand the words between the quotations I found more to it.

Being part of a movement of any kind is a type of “social insertion”. Applying yourself to your community. Building a garden with your neighbors. Something that involved YOU and those around you is part of the idea.

And this is important to remember, Dear Reader, because our involvement makes all the difference. There are too many people out there that are completely unware of an alternate life. Consumed by all the media. Indoctrined at public schools. Institutionalized in Prison. A woeful dilemma that our loved ones are subject to everyday. Getting to know this world has been hard enough without all the distractions of these corporate entities.

I could see why it could be difficult for many people, but there is so much more than just going to a mundane job whilst running of a cup of corporate Joe to make money to just return it later in exchange for deteriorating goods. Much, much more!

As hard as it seems, however, it is equally as easy to become a member of a local movement. There are so many (unfortunetly we live in a time of discord and there is a lot of people fighting for various things.. )to choose from. Be it housing rights, homeless activism, or protests against Police brutality, the wide array of choices makes it kind of easier(I hope!). But my focus has been Permaculture and gardening and that’s a movement in itself!

It really is the difference of perspective on the terms “utilize” and “incorporate”. In my opinion the former implies the “use” of something/someone. The latter has the conotation of becoming apart of something/someone. Can you see the difference, Dear Reader? Instead of cutting a tree down to build a house (UTILIZE), why not build within the tree(INCORPORATE)? This simple change in context makes a bit of difference to me.

Every day I hear about the struggle of farmers and their fighting for land rights and having to deal with GMO seeds and all, and it really makes me wonder why a government would want to stop the people from growing their own food. It is very strange and needs to be discussed more often.

So become involved! Thank you Dear Reader for the time. 

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