A travelin’ man’s sauce


There are a lot of varieties of food out there and to be honest, there are a lot of attempts at making them taste good. When that falls through, I’ve always fallen back on my trusty Hot Sauce that I specifically carried for the purpose of spicing up any meal that I came across when on the road:

its like finding that one position in your lovers arms that is just too perfect and comfortable that you can’t let go. The warm embrace that lead to so many nights of bliss and wonder. The feeling of knowing that there is so much more that needs to be understood. Discovered. Each time, reaching the edge of what is bearable, only to find that there is just a little bit further that I can go.\

The way that it wraps around my tongue. The way that it makes my chemicals react. It is living fire.

The space between the tangible and the utter memory of what existed, with such heat and passion. The very essence of perspective among the universe given in moments and taken in seconds. Expressing permanence through brief sensations and then gone once again. A fatal memory. The anguish of loss. The doldrum of the future pressing on the fading day’s last rays of sun. The tears well in my eyes.


Now, life’s only purpose seems to be reflecting on that time. That one moment when I’m wishing for something more. Something hotter. Something longer. A perfect blend of taste that lasts on the pallet. Instinctively primal and burning. My savory savior. The hot pepper. Brilliant in design, unique and misunderstood. Accepted by those who realize the magnitude of their characteristics. Their personalities. Influencing whole cultures of cuisine. Saving the dull tastes of free food at the park for decades.

So I’m growing a patch of peppers specific in purpose and as hot as hellfire. Protecting them. Caring for them. Marveling after them as they bloom into young plants, readying for maturity. A constant battle of cultivating not only the land but a new set of habits in order to brandish a fresh bottle of organic heat.

I am in Love.  


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