Week 5: Red Savina Habanero


A photo of my Habaneros and the other various peppers that I have inside this Dome/Force-field. I took a look back on my notes, and I figured out that when I started to grow my Habaneros from seed was about 4/20/14 which makes them about five weeks(One day!). Giving you an idea of where my plants are. I’m not sure exactly how they are supposed to look or if they are really getting the proper nutrients. But I will have to see when they are about 8 weeks or so. 


These are Zucchinis that I have gotten the chance to take care of all this time and I’m actually really proud of these guys. Didn’t know that they would get so big! But here they are! The small one to the bottom right is one that I had saved. I’ve learned that these plants can become quite large and they will need some room when they are ready to transplant. If you ask me, I think they are about ready, what do you think? 

Every day is a test to see whether or not I will actually become true to my word in keeping up with learning new skills in order to incorporate into my life. Part of learning about permaculture is knowing the land around me. And knowing what I can do to incorporate myself and how. Knowing is only half the battle as they say. And if getting anywhere means final product, then there is still a long way to go. I know that there is still a lot to do. 


These are the potatoes that have grown so much! There is a little pest that I’ve been trying to deter, but I’m not sure that I have. I have been trying to plug up the tunnels that the mole (I think it’s a mole..) has made and since its been raining and I’ve been water around, I don’t think he has come back. I’m not sure how to really check if they’ve gone, but my plants seem to be doing well! At least I hope so. The spots that are missing (adjacent plants) were onions that I tried to plant, but they didn’t survive. So I have replanted some more potatoes in there place. Now the box is full of ’em!

Learning more about plants and getting to see them grow has taught me that trusting in Nature and putting in a little bit of effort can have great results if you just try! There are still things that I have to try and knowledge that I must attain before becoming a true green thumbed warrior of peace! But for now, learning how to grow produce should be enough to help satiate my quest until I can actually make Hot Sauce!


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