Warm like sun-rays

So this last week we were blessed even more with new plant friends. I must say that the increasing responsibility has really heightened the stress of growing, but subsequently it has made things more clear of what we have to do around here.

The property is beautiful and the soil is rich with nutrients. The air is crisp and it rains often, although not in tumultuous storms. (For this same reason it is difficult to start pepper plants because of the freezing temps. Even recently its been getting as low as 50F.) And as you might know, I’m trying to specialize in peppers. And you might also know that peppers like it hott! So you can see where most of my dilemmas reside. Other plants, like my little snow-pea, grow very well in this weather and we have other plants in abundance.

Right now I’m working with Tomatillos(as you see in the picture) Tomatoes, Zucchini, Carrots, Onions, Garlic, and Shallots. I’m trying to take care of all the ingredients that I will eventually put in to my (signature) Hott Sauce. If I haven’t expressed it enough, I’m relatively new to gardening my self, so it is kind of stressful to see my plants go through pest damage and leaf damage. But I’m going to try my hardest! Dattebayo!

Since it is my first time really getting to know the ropes, I’m trying to set some goals for myself… and it is harder than you might think. With convenience constantly at my door step, sometimes its just easier to just sit here and stay motionless. But then thinking about all the important things that I’ve told myself that I would be doing. Not only producing food, but enough skills that I could pass on to up-coming generations! The importance of spreading the awareness of Permaculture is something that I’ve also tried to share. But I’m not sure exactly what I have to offer to the movement…

But anyway Thank you Dear Reader. Now its time to set these guys up for transplanting!


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