You are wasted


Art and Action

You are wasted

you haven’t even tasted

your potential

I have no place amongst you

There is nothing here for me

Money will not serve me

Not in living only in dying

All that can serve me now

Is persistence, integrity

No inheritance, no talent

I have to find a balance

Great things come at great cost?

Ha! From those who have lost


The objects that define value ( = $ )

The actions that define humanity

You are wasted, to fall in line,

Lining up to die conveniently,

Zombies chasing the screen,


In Boxes, in cages, you are wasted

Every city I see is a humane zoo

Look around you are wasted

You know it’s not only you


Brotherhood must be earned not inherited

So when the world begins to weigh down

Remember Persistance

Remember Integrity


Our Respect, Our Courage, Our Honor…

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