Trial and Barriers

The last set of raised beds that we made here did not have chicken wire to protect them from burrowing critters. Luckily for me, however, as we were cleaning out the shop(garage) a roll of chicken wire appeared out of the blue. After looking all over the internet for a humane way to deter creatures from eating our crop, it turned out to be very simple. Barriers!

Doing this ensures no harm comes to the animal and if there is no access, they’ll most likely think that there is no food there and venture somewhere else to eat!

The potatoes and the onions that are growing in the top bed though, digging animals and all! I’ll have to take a good photo of the green that they have produced. This is my first time growing more than one thing at a time and I have to say that it is always nerve wracking to think that something is out there right now chewing on the roots of our crops! But from the looks of it, and from the looks of how it is growing, I’m not too worried. I’ve read that animals burrow are highly sensitive to vibrations so just being in the garden will deter them!

Well, now that we’ve figured out a great way to keep them out, we have the wonderful task of figuring out what we’ll be putting in! So far we’ve come up with Garlic, shallots, and a couple of tomatillos.

More photos coming soon. Thank you Dear Reader for your time.


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