The itteration of Cohesive relationships

What I’ve learned so far in growing my peppers, beside patience, is that there is a lot of care and involvement that needs to take place in order for them to grow healthy with the proper nutrition and the right amount of space. (I’m not that experienced… ) And like a waterfall, or a river that runs deep, there is always change.

There was also a lot to be learned when I was across the street grooming the horses. With such a massive body, you can imagine the massive body language! Understanding and allowing the horse their room and getting to know them and groom them gently enough so that they wouldn’t spook was a lesson in deed.

Dealing with plants is a completely different story, as far as danger, but the idea is the same! Getting to know them, watering them regularly, and even talking to them effects them! These are my first actual plants, and I have to say that I am really nervous. Thank you Dear Reader for your time. Soon we will be re-building our greenhouse so that my peppers will be able to have a even better home!

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