You may call it suggestive therapeutics or the Power of Mind over Matter. All these designations are as useless as the name of the horse that Paul Revere rode. The Fact remains.

Chapter 1 Review:

In the first chapter, the author goes on to explain all of the fascinating results that he experienced during his years in the field. And without having any kind of medical training. Even the Doctors and Surgeons were astonished at the results that he produced with simple home-made remedies. They speculated harshly before ever giving him a chance. 

One of his cases was his own wife who suffered from two strokes causing paralysis, and after calling for the best doctor that he knew of, the doctor pronounced that she didn’t have much time to live. Falling back on the ways and remedies that he knew and with a regular schedule for treatment, his wife recovered from her paralysis. In another instance the author healed someone within six weeks with just fomentations(various), water, and fruit juice. He did this all for free(except the man insisted on giving him money(75 bucks).

In one part of the chapter the Author, Jethro Kloss, expresses his interest in having restaurants that work alongside health-food stores so that the food can be sold and served at the same time. Brilliant!

As I continue to read, I’m hoping to learn a lot more from this book as I go along. I’ve only read a little bit, and I’ve skipped around a bit from the front, middle, and end. It is intriguing enough that I’ll be reading it and publishing some articles as I go along. As I explained before this book gives instructions on how to make fomentations, or salves, tonics and tinctures throughout the book. Specifically those made from roots, bark, and herbs.

It is inspiring that a man would do this without a price. Just for the simple act of getting to help someone. Heal someone. Makes me really think about things.


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