The Copper Monster (freewrite 500words)


Today we were enjoying the sunshine just like any other. The sound of the metal wheels of carts filled to the brim with gold slid down the rails with ease. Digging around this massive cluster of precious stones we found pocket after pocket of gold. It lined every crevice of it! Everything was going well. Until that thing appeared!


A huge monster made of copper! It’s hands were massive gripping pincers. From the inside of its swirling head was some sort of blue orb of consciousness, I couldn’t tell. But it was definitely moving with purpose. From out of the ground it grabbed huge boulders made of that same gold that we were mining. And somehow, it seemed, that the sky grew black and the clouds began to gather. This was a storm that I’ve never seen before.


There was something about that monster that struck me very surprising. Even without eyes, it was able to translate its surroundings and perfectly grasp the stone with its hand. It would then hold them up to it’s giant head and they would be absorbed after a few moments! It walked around with ease, regardless of its mass and defying all physics.


Slowly but surely, it worked over every cart that we had taken hours to fill and start dumping them into its head. Absorbing it all through a glowing cloud of interstellar space. It also glowed white at times with blue sparks swimming briefly in and out. What was remarkable was the precision that it demonstrated as it made its masterful waltz across the land.


The glow from the Copper monster’s head began to grow larger after a time and we marveled from a distance clearing the way far before it started eating the gold. There were a couple rounds fired into it at first before everyone dispersed into the near by forest. Some were even so inclined by fear that they jumped to their fate into the river at the bottom of the ravine. But most of us, we just hid there staring at it, watching the mysterious things that it was doing.


It wasn’t as if it were just looking for something, it knew exactly what to grab with its pincers and then placed the containers back exactly the way that it found them. When it was all gone, all the gold in the area, it seemed as if it were a bit confused, and looked a bit more closely at the things surrounding it. Being careful not to forget all that existed there. When it was done surveying the area and sure, it seemed, that there was nothing left, the coils that made up its body began to spiral back slowly back to whence it came. Up, forgetting about gravity, and then finally in to that swirling and glowing orb of a head. IT became clear where it came from now.


And I suppose that the gold was the only thing it was after in the end. Oh well. 





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