I was going through the massive book collection that we call the library and I’ve found a book that is quite interesting. The title does explain a lot and I’m hoping to discover more about the different types of medicinal properties of herbs, roots, and bark. This will be part of a series of (hopefully) interesting articles that I will discuss in this blog. Mainly focusing on the powerful properties of Peppers!

I found a section specific to (Cayenne) Peppers which teaches the Reader how to make topical solutions, and even Tinctures. There are also excerpts from different articles at the time that really go on to praise the power of these peppers in everyday and practically ALL illness, aches and pains. I’ve even read that these organic remedies (which I will share as I read through the book) can even be put on open wounds.

These formulas are based on old folk remedies that were traditionally used because there were not many doctors around so they would have to come up with these solutions based on experience with the things around them.

Peppers have many medicinal properties that people usually don’t take into account. Where you would think harm would stem from, there is actually healing properties. Where one expects fire, they find the soothing sensation of medicine. It has been known to help heal things such as inflammation and pleurisy. It is good for the Kidneys, Spleen, and Pancreas. These plants are very healing to wounds, bruises, sprains, scalds, burns, and sunburns.

I will be going over other important characteristics of the ingredients that I will eventually add to my hot sauce and jelly. Thank you Dear Reader for the time.

It truly is amazing!


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