True Leaves

These are my peppers together. They have their true leaves and most are starting on their third set. I’m really excited that they are growing so well. And the dome attachment to the box that they’re in has done wonders because of the height. They’ll probably be in there until they are ready to be transplanted.


Here are some of the other peppers that are doing well. Two of these are Pablano Peppers and One of them is a Thor Pepper. (You can check for information)


And this one here is one of my Jalapeno Peppers. Most of the ones that I had planted were eaten or destroyed… But the ones that I have salvaged have been growing well and I’m doing a lot better at watching them everyday and giving them enough room to grow and live. Behind this little guy is a type of Zucchini? I’m not sure, I didn’t put it there, but I am subsequently taking care of it, and as you can see, they are thriving also and need to be transplanted fairly soon.


Thanks for visiting Dear Reader! May your garden be bountiful!




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