#Pepper Update (picture unrelated its the horse that lives across the street)

My peppers are doing very well, they are working on their 3rd set of true leaves. They look so beautiful. And it makes me excited to think that they are doing so well. There is a lot of anticipation here! I’ve also discovered the wondrous taste of Habanero jelly. Which is something that a lot people seek highly over here in this part of OR. Or at least in the vicinity.

Dear Reader, there is also some very exciting news. My friend knows that I’m really in to hot peppers and somehow acquired Bhut Jolokia (ghost pepper) seeds!!!! can you believe it?! I couldn’t at first, but now this opens a whole new doorway to my pepper growing experience. I had never thought about growing that first, but it seems that I have been given the opportunity. So I will be posting along as I go, as usual.

There area a lot of beautiful things to appreciate in this world. As the fear of death looms in the back of my thoughts, I can see that there are things that I can accomplish with this life that I was given.

I have had a lot of time to think about what it is that I would like to procure in this life, and the honest answer is to be self-sustainable and to produce food for my family. Or eventually help my family become interested in the very very huge deal of growing their own food.


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