#FoodNotBombs members get arrested and SFPD destroys food

During a May Day action while a food not bombs was  serving food before schedule, the San Francisco Police arrested 10 demonstrators, several FNB members and they tackled at least one person. They also flipped over the table that they were serving from, destroying the food that they had prepared. 

One of the main things that I gathered from food not bombs over the years is that FOOD SCARCITY IS A LIE. The fact that there is so much being wasted every day by major corporations is proof of this. I have been involved in FNB from Berkeley to Los Angeles and OC and I’ve dumpstered and gone to get donations in order to prepare for meals to feed people who were hungry. The fact that there are people who are homeless and hungry on the street made me start thinking about all the things that I could be doing in order to help better my community and help get involved in the lives of those who were in a similar situation as I was. 

Fortunately I am no longer in that situation and I have been given the opportunity to actually be in charge of my own operations and or projects. I’m hoping to one day produce enough surplus food in which to donate to local things such as Food Not Bombs. I am a novice to the whole idea of farming and actually making produce and living a sustainable life. But I’m willing to learn and my body is young enough to use.   


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