2 of many

So this is the first raised garden bed of many that we did just the other day(when I didn’t have the camera).This is the first time I ever built one of these and it worked out really well, and was built very quickly.We dug about 1-1/2 feet down where the bed was previously. We built the bed to give the plants some room to grow. All that we dug was full of rocks so we spent a lot of time sifting through it before sewing the seeds. As you can see we built a sort of hoop house extension that is easily accessible and easy to manage. It also keeps a the temperature relatively the same throughout the day. In this specific bed We went ahead and planted half of the garden with carrots and beets. Image


This is the top layer of the garden where we built another smaller bed(that’s me!). Here we are focusing on planting potatoes and onions only. Hoping to get a large yield of these when they are ready. Image


I will be posting photos as we go along. There is no shortage of work here. Cheers Dear Reader!





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