Even dirtier hands

Image These are Four of my plants that have sprouted. If you look closely, there are two sprouting from two of the pots. There are three that are slanted in one direction because I accidentally put it too far from the light. But they are doing well! These four peppers are the Red Savina Habanero. I think some people may call it the “Savannah Red” Habanero. These plants are my first real pepper project, and I’ve come to find out that they held the record for “World’s Hottest” for 12 years! (1994-2006) Now it holds the title of “World’s Hottest Habanero. Coming in at an average of 450k SHU this pepper is supposed to be 65x hotter than a normal Orange Habanero. As you might suspect I am extremely excited! (Sorry for the blurry photos…) The approximate harvest time for these bad boys is about 80-95 days. 


All you see here in these square and paper pots is a wide array of peppers! I was so excited (again!) because the first four were so quick to sprout that I went ahead and planted many more. I’m trying out how the different varieties will do and I’ve taken into account the different heights that they’ll be. 

 Image Image


To give you an idea of what I’ve got going on (oolala) in my new pepper garden:

  1. Gusto Purple F1 Pepper. This is a medium hot pepper that is purple but reddens as it matures. Harvest time is approx. 65-75 days.
  2. Ascent Thai Pepper. These peppers are said to be hot at 100k SHU. Harvest time is approx. 85 days. 
  3. Thor Pepper. A sweet/mild tasting pepper. Harvest time is approx. 70 days. 
  4. Cayenne Pepper. I am really excited about these because of the pepper’s medicinal properties. Cayenne is commonly used for its dietary benefits. Harvest time is approx. 70-75 days.
  5. Miniature Red Bell Peppers. These peppers have a large yield of about 75 fruits per plant. Planting these one’s outside is not recommended. Harvest time is approx. 55 days. 
  6. Pablano(Ancho) Pepper. Hardy and thick these guys are only rockin’ about 600-1500 on the heat scale. Harvest time is approx 90-110 days.
  7. Early Jalapeno Pepper. These turn fiery red when they are fully mature and is hot! I’m hoping to harvest a lot of these when the time comes. Harvest time for these is approx. 66 days.
  8. Habanero/Scotch Bonnet Pepper. (Caribbean mix). As you already probably know, Habaneros are pretty hot and Scotch Bonnets are as well. With these I’m hoping to make some really delicious chilis and hot sauces with these. Harvest time is approx. 90-100 days. 
  9. Anaheim College 64 Pepper. A mild tasting pepper. Harvest time is approx 75 days. 
  10. Relleno Pepper. This beautiful pepper is perennial and I’m really excited to have these year around. Harvest time is approx 85 days. 

The pictures below are the starting point of some of these peppers. Right next to them are some carnivorous pitcher plants that hang out in the start room.



If I haven’t already mentioned it before, I think that this would be an excellent time to explain my fascination with peppers. Beside the fact that peppers have very unknown(as in many people in general don’t know about it) medicinal characteristics that is actually in the very chemical make-up of what makes them HOT which is known as Capscaicin. … I LOVE LOVE LOVE hot sauce! When I can, I try and buy different types. It dawned on me one day when I was thinking about what it was that I could be passionate about when gardening. Something that I could grow and be proud of. And peppers eventually found a solid foundation within my aspirations. Don’t get me wrong, there are many other fruits and vegetables on my list that are important to grow in order to live more sustainable and produce food for the house. 

In the long run I want to make my own hot sauce. That is one of my dreams. 



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