Dirty hands

I’ve talked about writing. I’ve talked about reading. And I’ve also talked about raised garden beds. Which is the point of this post. I don’t have pictures yet, as I don’t have the camera available to me. But today I spent about 4 hours making a raised garden bed. Now, I didn’t spend the whole of the time actually making it, that part was quite simple and was finished pretty quickly.


  • Four 7′ 2×4
  • Four 2′ blocks of wood 
  • Nails
  • Hammer

And it was that simple. Building the box is simple and only took about 20 minutes. Beside actually cutting the pieces to fit each other. When the box is complete, the area that was to be used was cleared  out of previous soil and was to be used as a mixture of compost. Laying around there is PVC piping that was cut in four pieces. They were placed in every corner of the box. We placed the box where it would go and filled it up. Making sure that the soil was properly aerated. When it was filled, we used some foam tubes to bend over the garden bed kind of like a sort of hoop house. We’ll be wrapping it in a plastic sheet. I will have a picture tomorrow hopefully some how! 

And this is one of many projects. I just wish that I had a camera to show you guys. Now, if you have any ideas for me about hoop houses and natural materials that can be utilized, then please, let me know and I will share! 


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