Old files

I was going through old files on the various clouds that I have, and I found my old story! And when I say old, I mean four years old. Every since I started travelling, I have never been able to have my own computer and you never really have time to write being on the street. Roaming around from place to place. But now! Now I have all the time I want to write, as I watch in patience for the crops to grow. Currently, I am at 28k + words including some of the new things that I have been doing. I’m going to tie the new stuff with the old stuff. It’s a zombie story, so it will be really easy. Plus, with all the new information that has been available to me through out my travels, I will be able to incorporate it into the material that I already had!

It is gong to be a great summer. My goal is to reach 50k words(much like the hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy) and will be able to put it in print somehow.



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