Continuing to learn

As we go along on our walks of life, there are things that we think about often and things that we hardly give the time of day to regard at all. I made this blog in hopes that I would encounter feedback of some sort. I don’t have a camera right now that works, and I’m not able to put pictures up, but I would like to get to know what kind of DIY tricks can be utilized throughout my stay here at this farm. I have stated before that I will be engaged in a Hoop-house project soon once we get the materials, and the raised garden beds, but as it stands right now, it has been raining too much and there is not enough space inside…

No worries!

There are many books here to take notes on how to make cob, and hopefully when it stops raining, we’ll be building a stove for starters. Which should be an enjoyable project. Have you made cob before? Do you have any tips or easy project ideas?


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