Today has shown to be a great day indeed. This morning I accompanied some of my friends across the road to the neighbors farm where we planned to return their kitten bottle (one of our cats had babies!) and a jar that came with a special goat formula. 

When we arrived there was a beautiful landscape of the mountain range just beyond and the huge trees reaching far above it. The property is gorgeous. We were given a tour of all the different varieties of herbs and roses. My favorite was the female kiwi vines, which I didn’t know were fuzz-less. 

It was great, there was such variety and so many beautiful smells that filled the greenhouse. There were new batches of carrots, wild yams, all sorts of things! 

What was really interesting was to meet someone there that was talking about many the things that I try and advocate. And one of the subjects that popped up was actually gathering a crew, a group of willing young workers like myself, who could go around the local farms and build connections. I have heard of farms asking for hands to work, but when this happens, it is usually one or two people(couples?) that try and do their best. What the goal would be here, would be to have about six kids who know what they are doing who could put out loads of work at one time and actually get connected with the local farms (who are also our neighbors!) and get to be involved in our community. This way, tasks would get done a lot quicker and the work would be more readily available to those of us who would like it. 

He mentioned that the first and best would be the local blueberry orchard, which he says “you could stand in one spot and keep eating handfuls without looking.” which sounds good to me!

The subject of this post is the mere excitement that I feel for actually having a plug in with those around here. It is a small community with maybe seven houses within 4 miles of road. And it would be a wonderful thing to start building those cohesive relationships I was talking about earlier. 

With this opportunity I will be able to sharpen my skills and learn new ones while being among friends. I will be able to share my experiences with you, Dear Reader as I go along. May your crops be bountiful! 

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