New arrangements

But the same ol’ song.

Things have been quite slow this past week. Which is just as well. We have not yet received the materials that we need to start building the hoop-houses, and it has been too rainy to work out side. With all the crazy weather that’s been going on, we’ve been restricted to inside activities.

Pepper Update:

As I said before there was some type of vermin that ate my other sprouts, or at least I think it was, so I made new living arrangements for my new crops. I made them a little force-field (so-to-speak). And I am hoping that there will not be another incident like last time. I was so happy, only to be disappointed that I hadn’t taken the proper steps in taking care of a living thing… which is a no-no.

But anyway, I’ll be going West to Florence today to help a friend get to the 101 hwy. Hopefully next time, I’ll be able to show you, Dear Reader, some photos of some new sprouts. Universe willing. c:

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