Getting involved

I was reading an article recently and without getting into detail, there was a phrase that was stated and explained later in the text, that phrase was: “Social insertion”. What I got from this was that there is a necessity or a sort of moral obligation to be involved with the struggle of those around you. And maybe some of you don’t or even won’t agree with it, but it is important to know the state of the community that surrounds you.

To put it as the article said it, it is “the active involvement in and building of autonomous and popular social movements”

Regardless of how you will decipher this term, the simple notion that if everyone gets involved has chimed in and out of our ears for a while now, and it is time to act! My deal here is to spread the word of permaculture through my own projects and hopefully meeting you lovely people on the interweb who would like to share yours! 

But even if you don’t have the time or space for a garden, simple acts of compassion and valor are still helpful to those who need it. And those acts of kindness is what we need more in this world! If you can’t produce lemons, make happiness! this is another article with more info on the term “Social Insertion”

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