I was digging a hole where the apple tree would be and I came upon a spherical rock. As I inspected the stone, I noticed that there were layers on it. I set it aside and continued to dig the site for the apple tree. I set in the compost mixed with local soils and cleared a bit of the area of the little brush that was there and planted the tree. It was rewarding. I picked up the rock that I set off to the side and took it  back up to the house to show my SO. 

I decided to place the rock in an old shirt and smash it with a hammer,(even though there is a water pressure cutter…) (anyway) Lo, and behold! A geode. It is small, but was worth the work of digging up some Earth to put in a tree to bare fruit one day. 

The primary reason that I share this post with you Dear Reader is so that when you find yourself outside doing something that you love, you might find something beautiful even if you’re not necessarily looking for it. It may just find you. 

Also, I would like to share 2 future projects that I will be posting photos of and describing a walk-through as I go along. Step by step instructions (if you will) :

  1. Small and large Hoop houses
  2. raised garden beds

These 2 things are great for any space to start off a garden and hopefully with a little effort and help I’ll be able to get these things done in the next week or so. I will keep you updated and we’ll be able to see the progress of the different herbs and vegetables that will be growing. Maybe you can share with me some of your inventions or projects! 



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